A simple marinade with baked leeks

Tataki Cucumber with Sweet Spicy Soy sauce

Courgette and Corn Salad with Tuna

Green Peas Rice using Japanese Rice

豚汁 (Tonjiru / Butajiru) Pork Miso Soup with Vegetables from our Garden

Tomato &Cucumber Simple Salad

Tataki Cucumber Recipe

Daikon Radish Leaf Furikake

Cucumber and Avocado Salad with Garden Herbs

Daikon, Turnip, Radish leaves Pickled in Salted Kelp: A Recipe for our Garden Vegetables

Fresh Courgette Salad with Anchovy Dressing

Sautéed Prawns in Garlic Butter with Dill

Fresh Pineapple and Citrus Jam

Tuna and Herb Tartare with Wasabi Sauce

Green Lentil Salad with Cucumber and Coriander from the Vegetable Garden

Courgette Flower Fritters

Spaghetti with Leaf Amaranth and Tuna

Vietnamese Beef Pho (Rice Noodle in Soup) with Asian Herbs

Spicy Hot Pot with Garden Vegetables

Korean-ish Fried Rice with Korean Shiso

Super Easy! Radish leaves pickled in salted kelp

How to Make Sushi Rice: A Quick Recipe

Pickled Korean Shiso in Spicy Soy Sauce

Stir Fry Minced Pork with Thai Basil

Shaoxing Wine Steamed Prawns

Indonesian Chicken Satay

Simmered Chicken and Eddo with Sweet Soy Sauce

Fried Rice with Bacon and Onions

Tuna and Avocado Salad

Foil-Steamed Haddock with Garlic Butter

Japanese Fried Chicken “Karaage” with Ginger Flavour

Coconut Milk Kanten Pudding with Orange

Japanese Style Meatloaf cooked in a Frying Pan or Saucepan (not in the Oven) with Apple Sauce

Spicy Shrimp or Ebi Chilli in Japanese

Coconut Curry Steamed Mediterranean Sea Bass

Hijiki Seaweed Rice (seasoned Rice with vegetables and seaweed)

Stir-fried Rice with Pork and Onion

Hawaiian Pork: Pan-Fried Pork Chops with Pineapple Sauce

Stir-Fried Tomato and Eggs (西红柿炒鸡蛋 or 番茄炒蛋) with Tuna

Pineapple and Yoghurt Cake

Lockdown Miso (Homemade Japanese Bean Paste)

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Delicious Food has a Delicious Sound

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