Daikon, Turnip, Radish leaves Pickled in Salted Kelp: A Recipe for our Garden Vegetables

We grow radishes, daikon and turnips in our vegetable garden. When you harvest the root vegetables, you may be disappointed if the underground root parts have not grown well. However, even if the underground root vegetables don't grow well, you can still eat the leaves. 

After we harvest them, I collect their leaves no matter if the underground roots have grown or not. I often make pickles with them when I have enough leaves.

This is our first harvest of daikon and turnip this year. The daikon was still small, but it had started to flower, so I pulled it up. On the other hand, the turnip was starting to have pores, probably because we harvested too late.

Their roots were not perfect, but the leaves were healthy and gorgeous. I  made pickles with their leaves and the edible part of the turnip.

Ingredients for Garden Vegetable Pickles with Salted Kelp

  • Daikon, Turnip, Radish Leaves
  • Salted Kelp (Kombu)
  • Salt
  • Red Chillies (option)

How to Make Garden Vegetable Pickles with Salted Kelp

  1. Clean daikon, turnip and radish leaves well and chop into small pieces. If you have thick stems, slice them as thin as 2 mm.
  2. Rub salt into the chopped leaves and rest them for about 10 minutes.
  3. When the water comes out from the vegetables, squeeze them lightly, add salted kelp and chillies. Put it in a sealed bag or container.
  4. Rest in the fridge for at least 1 day, turning it over a couple of times in order to pickle them evenly. 


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